Works on education (Dadur Pathshala):
Harun Rashid
Harun Rashid
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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Dr. Mohd. Harun Or Rashid is that investor who believes the true purpose of education is to make minds, not careers. He founded a school named ‘Dadur Pathshala’ in his village Chaktarta for poor students who cannot afford money to maintain their education. 50 underprivileged students get opportunity to take education. There is a Madrashah along with Dadur Pathshala. 30 residential students study here. In the beginning, students were taught only Arabic. But Dr. Mohd. Harun Or Rashid makes a new curriculum. At present students learn not only Arabic but also Bengali, English, Mathematics and Sciences.
Works on Social awareness:

Dr. Mohd. Harun Or Rashid works for creating social awareness. He is involved in various social activities like sanitary latrine, drug addiction, prevention of common diseases. He arranges colorific programmes on several national days in his village. The programme is furnished by rally, games, songs, dances and most importantly rewarding freedom fighters. Dr. Mohd. Harun Or Rashid plays a great role to eradicate drug addiction from his village Chaktarta. He makes easy to get job for young people of his local area. He supplies sanitary latrine among the villagers to improve their health condition. For creating awareness about common diseases he has made docu-drama like “Signal One”and “Gaye Holud”. “Signal One” is about Hepatitis B virus and another one is about Jaundice. And the film about fatty liver is under filming.

Awareness programme:

Make some movies for awarenessof liver diseases and show those in different institutions, universities, medical colleges, TV channels &villages for the purpose of awareness of medical knowledge.

Movies made by Dr. Mohd. Harun Or Rashid such as-

1. ‘Gaye Holud’ for the purpose of jaundice awareness.
2. ‘Signal One’ for the purpose of Hepatitis B awareness etc.
Many peoples see those movies in many places. In this process Dr. Mohd. Harun Or Rashid try to overcome all superstition from the society. A new movie for the purpose of Fatty Liver Disease awareness is filming now.